Plant Medicine Journey Guide

(CO)Create the way of (our own) nature,Starting from Psychedelic Journey Guide

Worried about distractions in a group environment? Want a home-touch and personalised care with heart? Prefer a more spiritual and/or creative ‘Set and Setting’? Talk to us (professional guide Leila and Bart) as we love to support you on your path through offering what we love and providing an all-included, professional, personalised, integrated and affordable Psychedelic/Truffle journey in a safe, cozy and conscious home space at the heart of Amsterdam. For whom are first-timers as well as experienced ‘travellers’. There’s also an option of guiding you through a 6-week Micro-dosing journey into daily life, from anywhere (online and from your home space).

Why: “I think of going to the grave without having a psychedelic experience like going to the grave without ever having sex. It means that you never figured out what it is all about. The mystery is in the body and the way the body works itself into nature.”―  Terence McKenna

How: “Many of us who have experienced psychedelics feel very much that they are sacred tools. They open spiritual awareness.” — Stanislav Grof

What: “Know what you’re using, decide why you’re using it, and you can have a rich experience.” — Alexander Shulgin


Whether you’re looking for new perspectives from anxiety or restlessness, dealing with addiction or challenging situations, or you’re open to new spiritual and creative insights or just feel intuitively curious, psychedelics has the potential to provide exactly the experience you need at the right moment. Are you ready for the greater mysteries or the ‘truth’ to you – the identification with the universal life of our cosmos and planet nature. Or to gain insights of your personal life or for a joyful giggle. We are here to support you.

We create the home-touch and 1:1 personal setting for you to journey safely and reconnect with your own intuitive intelligence, as well as the collectiveness consciousness that connects us all with the great world. Each option below is all included and taken care of in a safe and connected space (with the option to stay overnight)- QA and discovery call, opening and check-in + guided forest walk to get in touch with nature, a mindful tea ceremony with plant medicine (see below options) + healthy home-made meals + customised sitting service with both Leila and Leela (who are experienced and professional sitters/therapist) + live music and sound journey + other optional holistic practices (e.g. meditation, yoga and ecstatic dance) + integration and reflection calls (including check-in communication until 4 weeks afterwards).

PRIVATE (OR COUPLES OR SMALL GROUP <2) – Psilocybin (1 day)

Worried about distractions in the group set up? Want a home-touch and personalised care with heart? Prefer a more spiritual and/or creative ‘Set and Setting’? Then this private journey is designed for you. It consists of one all-included psychedelic session with Truffle for the full day. It happens in our comfortable, clean and safe ceremonial home space in Amsterdam east, yes we create the space for the plant medicine to do its work. During this package, you undergo a warming-up and attentive preparation. We will discuss your intention and find the balance with letting go of too much expectations. You might touch upon the themes in your life that need further attention and processing. You will be given tools that will help you learn from the psychedelic journey. After the session, you will be given space to share, and guided to integrate insights into daily life.

Pricing: 580 euros per person (couple: 980)

PRIVATE (OR COUPLES OR SMALL GROUP <2) – DMT/Changa and Kambo (2-3 hours)

Consider joining us in a sacred and private ceremony with plant medicine Changa. Changa is a smokable version of DMT (Dymethyltriptamine) which is the active ingredient responsible for the visions achieved on Ayahuasca, but is significantly shorter, about 15-30 minutes for the trip. And significantly more vivid and intense. This is an advanced plant medicine journey for people who are looking for deepening the consiousness in the realm of cosmos and the unknowns out there. The ceremony is a balance of ancient traditions while giving enough space for personal wishes.

We also work with our partner ‘Medicine Within’ for private and small group Kambo Ceremony. Known as “the vaccine of the jungle”, the secretion of the Amazonian Tree Frog holds a distinctive healing power. The healing works on deep physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels. The ceremony part can take 1 hour pp.

Pricing: 2-3 hours (including pre, during and post ceremony): 200 euros per person (couple: 350)

GROUP EVENTS & 1:1 MICRO-DOSE – Various Medicine (with network of partners)

Plants are medicine full of wisdom, especially sacred plants like old tea trees, medicine mushrooms and blue lotus flowers. We create and make the space safer and more open, then the playground is yours with the medicine. We also co-create group ceremonies or experiences with our partners with different specialties as we are better together. There’s so much potential in a collective sharing to find the common ground of humanity with compassion and love. Either through micro-dosing, full-moon ceremonies, women circles or for broader awareness. We have our private and beautiful community space based in Kokopelli (the famous smart shop) or intimate Mahara’s Yurt in the center of Amsterdam, with monthly events. Browse down to see upcoming group events (e.g. Plant Medicine Tea Ceremony with Handpan Sound Journey on March 26)

Pricing: depending on the events (normally from 20-50 euros for each event, 2-3 hours) Some events are donation-based for everyone to try




Leila/Leela = Sanskrit for The Dance of Life. It is an invitation to, with a playful attitude, meet both the dark and bright sides of life’s waves. They are rooted in both East and West, regardless of diverse cultural backgrounds, they passionately love to be inspired and inspire people to share their own aliveness and gifts of life. Bart/Leela is a psychologist and awareness coach during the last 15 years, and Leila have been actively involving in educating and conscious psychedelic journeys over the last 5 years. They are as well consistently gaining new insights from plant medicine for their own life path. Besides psychedelics and plant medicine, Leila practices the flow of Dao/Tao (the way of nature), ISTA (shamanic temple arts), Mindfulness (Tea Ceremonies) and Intuitive Art Expressions. Bart/Leela is also a musician (DJ and Handpan) in the conscious space bringing music as love. Together as a loving team, they help people integrate ritual moments into daily life.


We like to get to know you first. Then together design an all-covered personalised package. Not too much focusing on outcomes but creating the ideal space for the sacred plants to flow naturally and do its work with you. It’s in trusting us, the plants and the process. Combine ancient shamanic and contemporary approaches, along with a deep focus on creative and holistic practices, where both seasoned explorers and new initiates from different walks of life can experience the potential of inner states of consciousness, self-inquiry and personal growth.


It seems no coincidence that Leila and Leela met at an event where Awareness & Exploration were two of the main ingredients. They have been on the spiritual path together going through both the light and shadow, under the inspiration of sacred plant medicine. They feel privileged to weave their creativity and experience into both their shared love-life as a couple and by offering their services as a team to you. Tailor-made that is. We do WHAT WE LOVE. We love WHAT WE DO.


Would you like to start micro-dosing, but you’re not sure how to start or create a process that is optimised for your unique needs? Have you tried micro-dosing for once, and would like to continue this path for more long-term personal growth? Leila (plant medicine and micro-dosing coach) would like to guide you through a unique 6-week micro-dosing cycle focusing on integration into daily life, with guided journaling as well as integration tools and practices, especially for breaking the patterns that no longer serves you, improving daily awareness, focus and creativity. We will together co-create a holistic approach specially for you – Written Material/Notes + Interactive Videos Calls/Coaching + Embodied Practices (e.g. meditation, breath work, sound and movements). Below are the options to choose or combine with:




Upcoming Group Events

Micro-dose Ceremony with Yoga (Restorative Fall Edition)

Kokopelli, Amsterdam

Oct 21, 2023

13:00 PM – 16:00 PM

Beautiful beings, we’re again excited to invite you for our Micro-dose Tea Ceremony and Yoga (Restorative Fall Edition) on Saturday, October 21, from 13-16 in Kokopelli, at the beautiful heart of Amsterdam overlooking the peaceful canal water. This is the special fall edition to enter the season with balancing the restorative energy collectively. This event is specially created with the powerful new moon energy to connect deeper via the plant medicine and natural elements, and to connect with the season cycle, the ground and our roots that connect us all with our collective consciousness. This combination evolved from exploring different ancient practices, the passion for mindful living and expanding our consciousness through plant medicine and sacred movements. We enjoy supporting each other and co-creating a healthy, mindful, creative and loving lifestyle.

Start your 6-Week Micro-dosing Journey – Free Q&A To Feel The Vibe


Oct 22, 2023

19:00 PM – 20:00 PM

Would you like to start a proper and more integrated micro-dosing journey/cycle, but not sure how, or create a process that fits your specific intentions? Have you tried micro-dosing before but would like to continue this path for more mid/long-term personal growth (integration into daily life)? Leila, your professional plant medicine & psychedelics guide from LeiArts would like to support you on your journey and guide you through a holistic 6-week micro-dosing cycle focusing on integration into a more mindful daily lifestyle, with guided journaling as well as integration tools and practices, especially for breaking the patterns that no longer serves you, improving daily awareness, focus and creativity. We will co-create a holistic approach tailored for you – Written Material + weekly or bi-weekly Interactive Videos Calls/Coaching + Embodied Practices (e.g. Meditation, Breathwork, Sound and Movements) + Q&A.

Stay updated and connected for future events, offerings, initiatives and inspirations:


Taka a look at below pics of what an ideal and connected set up it could be, remember the setting can be always customised specifically for you, in the way that you will be most comfortable with.

Tea Ceremony, Ecstatic Arts and Forest Bathing are often included in the package as the holistic extension of opening and integrating, click on below if you wish to learn more. Contact us for any questions or interest.

All the details will be taken care of for creating a worry-free, comfortable and connected space.

There are 2 rooms to choose for the journey, the dark non-distractive ‘Cave’ and the common space for connecting with sunlight, live music, art stand available in the ceremonial vibe.

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