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OUR vision is to make more people make more art, more creatively, authentically and collectively

Besides Artist Leila’s own artworks, together with her partner musician Leela, they have guided through 50+ intuitive Ecstatic Art journeys and co-created over 80+ pieces of artworks with 2K+ people all around the world. This is a powerful way of freely expressing your being or ‘just being you’ in a safe space and learning to let go of expectations and imperfection. Each piece of art is uniquely created with true authenticity and stories in the moment that can not be duplicated. We believe the true value of art is to carry on our collective authenticity.

Ecstatic Arts Co-creation and Dance at In Retraite Music Festival in August, 2022


We are creating and sharing stories and experiences, not just selling arts. We believe in sharing stories through the form of art. You create your own art, and it stays with you as a gift or you let us ‘keep’ it. When we co-create something beautiful together, we (Leila and DJ Leela) as the ‘Keeper’ would like to open the space for the next Keeper. The next Keeper is asked to first vocalise the value of our co-created art, and then make an offer on what it is worth for them (either a specific amount or a gift in return). We will see if we can meet each other somewhere. For each piece of art you can see where, when and who co-created the piece, as well as the unique stories behind through images and videos (click on each one to see more details). Through passing the arts with LOVE to the next one and keeping it with HEART, we together create a sustainable cycle of art and a creative flow of life.

#50 Nov.2023 with Play! Zwolle, by 70+ participants during an Ecstatic Arts & Dance Journey – for sale (the right one)


With only written words it’s hard to sensitise, we have to feel it.

Fillout the form, schedule a call with us or send an email to feel if there’s a connection or potential to support you on your own path.

We are open to collaborations and/or simply exchange ideas or visions

Drop a message here or at Whatsapp +31613596848.

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