Co-created Retreat – Conscious Castle Edition

Calling All you ‘Dragons & Butterflies’ Co-created Retreat In Nature

Guided by beautiful and inviting nature around, you are invited to experience how co-living and co-creation could work in a community setting and to connect with like-minded souls; No have-to-dos, if you only just like to relax and recharge. We will share our unique gifts and trust to make space, co-create individually and together by means of embodiment and the intuitive unknowns, and not to forget, have fun! Healing and transformation can happen in a safe, sacred and connected space. We will have the ENTIRE ‘Conscious Castle’ with luxury and lots of private space to share with 20-30 people. It’s also Available and Affordable – (y)our unique gifts as exchange as alternative for money, only 400-600 euros for 6 days, all-included. Co-creation is for EVERYONE.

What do co-creators talk about this retreat?

We received many positive feedback from our last co-created retreats in Spain in July and near Berlin in October, from 50+ co-creators/participants. We feel solid and confident to take the success and learnings to do even better this time. Together, let’s play and learn, and bring the COMMUNITY co-creation to real life, wherever we are. This is the greater call. It’s beyond just a retreat.

โ€œI was very impressed, that the Taxi was organized and just picked me up- very luxurious! Content was great. I enjoyed getting to know everybody through their work. Location was wonderful. Food was a delight, that she cooked dishes, that were typical for the region. I loved her creativity. I’d be happy to be surprised regarding the Location. Thank you!”


From Germany

“Thank you all SO much!! Really expansive and interesting few days. I really enjoyed the people and sessions, would do it all again without hesitation. Amazing! ideal. Cant imagine a better venue. I really enjoyed most of the sessions, of course some aligned more than others. I loved how much free time we had. It all felt super relaxed yet facilitated. All of you were excellent – comfortable, approachable, warm. Everyone felt super safe which helped me feel comfortable with content which I could have easily not felt aligned. Food was really good. Felt very healthy.”


From South Africa

“Everything was great, especially the place was powerful and magical which is great for any transformation processes. I have a feeling that nothing here happened by accident and put me on the right track, filled me with so many things to process. You hold the space very well, took care of everyone. Just keep doing like this and it will be perfect. I’d wish such retreat could last little longer, then the pace could be a bit slower. I was impressed with the tea ceremony! Great energy input as well.”


From Poland

Watch the videos from the last retreat in Spain, July: and

Let’s co-create the art of living

Join us for a co-created & no-have-to-dos retreat in a beautiful and inviting venue in a beautiful ‘Conscious Castle’ (from 13th century) in nature of Belgium from 6-11th of January, 2024 (with possibility to stay for extra days for free-flow). There are limited spots around 20-30 people. We keep the cost to minimum as we believe in the power of co-creation and exchanging our gifts and trust (not just financials), so we aim to cover the cost of rent + food/Chef, and to bring how we like to live alive in a community.

๐‚๐จ-๐œ๐ซ๐ž๐š๐ญ๐ข๐จ๐ง ๐ข๐ฌ ๐Ÿ๐จ๐ซ ๐„๐•๐„๐‘๐˜๐Ž๐๐„ ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ This is specially for those brave ones who are open and want to learn to show up, and surrender into the unknown flow (and the knowns with your power/gifts), to give space to new experiences, connections and feedback, to be truthful to your own needs and desires, to hold accountability of being a part of a shared community, and to bring equanimity and kindness to others in our own ways. We as a team, stand for co-creating a sacred and connected temple space throughout the whole period (not just for one night), where we wish to experiment and find human unity in diversity, authenticity and devotion.

Why is it called ‘Dragons & Butterflies?

It’s our invitation to dance with both the bright and dark sides of life, with a playful attitude. Be as light as butterflies to flow with the nature (Yin/The Light), and dare to step into the shadows and unknowns as dragons (Yang/The Dark). It’s more than a co-creation and a retreat, it’s both and beyond. It’s the way of co-created/community living, and it’s an attitude to life.

What’s included and more (to receive):

  • 6-day deep yet relaxing retreat program (e.g. medicine and cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dance, arts, sound journey, connecting rituals, temple arts, nature bath, etc)
  • Optional to extra days for free time and flow
  • Luxurious and cozy accommodation (dorm, double rooms)
  • Abundant and natural environment, beautiful venue
  • Access to forest, lake/natural pool, temple space, open terrace, bonfires, forest hikes and more…
  • Vegetarian/vegan meals, drinks + mindful Chef Danny
  • Optional shuttle pick-up from the city/train station nearby
  • Great location in a dream historical castle surrounded by beautiful nature (we will have the whole space!)
  • Optional Plant Medicine guided by Sandi from Medicine Within NL

What can you possibly give?

In return, we’re asking for Finances/Exchange: โ‚ฌ 400-600 all included for 6 days (the shared cost will be settled depending on group size); You are invited to share your gifts, offerings, workshops (optional), plus 2-hour time for logistic and community support in a free-flow, as we like to offer and exchange Trust.

More importantly, if this way of living resonates to you, we wish you can spread the faith, trust and insights to the outer world, to help our humanity grow and expand together.

Additional cost: to upgrade rooms + extra days of stay

Our Offerings:

We will share our gifts and trust to make and hold space for everyone, and to co-create individually and together by means of embodiment, and not to forget, have fun! Self-healing and Transformation can happen, depending on your own pace and openness. We will together try our best to tune in and facilatate.

  • To open up and make space for ourselves and others
  • To come in contact with whatโ€™s no longer serving you
  • To come back to your own strength, rawness for healing
  • To feel a balance of aliveness+creativity and calmness
  • Co-creation via music, dance, artsโ€ฆand feel collective consciousness and greater connection with nature…
  • To explore and play in an open-minded and safe environment with desires, boundaries and sensuality

Program Flow (with a natural fluidity) – to be created together with some of you:

  • Each day we dive into one theme (Opening, Grounding, Polarity, Celebration and Integration), and gradually go deeper with space for integration into daily life
  • Daily morning mindful practice (e.g. Yoga, Cacao and Medicine Ceremony, Meditation, Sound Journey…)
  • Daily Authentic Sharing and Expressing Circle
  • Opening & Grounding Tools (Emotional Release, Feminine/Masculine, Boundaries/Desires, Identity…)
  • Creative (co) creation (Ecstatic Dance, Arts, Voicing…)
  • Sensual Temple Night – The Light & Dark

Interested? Please fill the below application form to reserve your spot (limited)

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Who Are We?

Leila and Bart/DJ Leela: We are a team and a loving couple that come from Amsterdam, but from diverse roots (China, America, The Netherlands). We have been sharing our gifts individually and together, in the land of Awareness, Embodiment, Ecstatic Arts & Dance, Plant Medicine Ceremonies and Sacred Bodywork. It was the deep desire for Authenticity that brought us together to be on this path to share our loving presence, gifts and the vision of the community way of living with you. โ€œโ€ฆIn our daily life, embracing the dance of life with a hint of playfulness, including the waves of bright & dark matters and sunshine & rainโ€ฆโ€ It applies to all what we do, how we like to live our lives and inspire each other, in the collectivity field. (

Danny: In a โ€˜former lifeโ€™ I used to help people with things most people arenโ€™t really interested in, find too difficult, or simply too boring: financial stuff like mortgages and insurances. Nowadays I still fulfill my life purpose with helping other people, but on a total different level: the matters of the heart and soul. Creative and out-of-the-box as Iโ€™ve always been, I try to reach out in less conventional ways. My sole purpose: to inspire each and everyone into leading a more fulfilling life. (

Sandi from Medicine Within and Goddess Within is a Kambรด Practitioner, Ceremony and Workshop and Women Circle Facilitator, where she merges Spirituality, Tantra, Shamanism, Plant Medicine and an alchemy of healing disciplines in a space that will invite you to dissolve into the love that you truly are.

Feel The Vibe of The Beautiful Venue

In a beautiful, spacious castle, Belgium


It’s hard with only written words, we have to feel it. Schedule a call with us or send us a message, to feel if there’s connection or potentials. Or you have any questions!

You can email, or send a Whatsapp/Regular Leila (+31613596848) or Bart (+31614431980).

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