Tantric Bodywork and Temple Arts

To co-create A Holistic, somatic, Heart-centered and shamanic Temple Space for transformation

Welcome to the Sacred Temple of LeilArts – In the forms of 1:1 Tantric Bodywork and Group Temple Gathering, you will experience a holistic, in-depth portal for self-transformation which emphasises the power of your life force/sexual energy and the ways in which you can moves the natural flow of this energy to provide a valuable wholeness connecting to the loving presence within, in order to feel more free, alive and connected. You will learn to communicate and maintain healthy boundaries, needs and desires. You will also learn how to activate and release emotional body, using shamanic tools for transformation and integration into daily life. 

My unique approach is inspired by ISTA’s Practitioner and Buddhi’s Advanced Bodywork Trainings – I am committed to be in service with solid skills + to show up in the intuitive unknown with the grounding of the LOVING PRESENCE.

“An essential aspect of this sacred work is activating energy and awakening through the heart. Thereby, you can empower your client to experience the presence of Love itself inside of his or her body rather than recycling past stories of shame, limitation, inadequacy, fear and guilt. It’s from the space of love.” ―  ISTA (International School of Temple Arts)

“Bodywork according to Buddhi’s approach is both a healing – and spiritual practice that works with profound esoteric principles and knowledge to transform ourselves and others through wisdom and love. This sacred form of bodywork teaches us how to heal emotional wounds that are held in the body. ” — Buddhi Dana’s Advanced Bodywork Training


“This sacred bodywork journey tends to attract and better support people who are in their main transitional points of life, re-discovering themselves (who they really are), as well as feeling into their true desires and wishes. They tend to be relatively stable and fulfilled in daily life, but they can sense that an important/key piece is missing as they do feel lonely and disconnected sometimes. Although they are open-minded and aware that this might be deeply connected to the emotional body and higher consciousness/energy, not only through the busy mind and intelligence. Like all of us, more or less still carry the pain and trauma from earlier times, they wish to feel more at ease with those intense emotions so there’s more space to breath into the fresh air and create the life they want to life, here and now. They wish to learn and feel more about LOVE, self-love and perhaps greater love that connects us all. They wish to feel more alive (even through doing less).

All genders, ages and backgrounds are welcome, however some people might feel a better match to my unique gifts (e.g. rawness, eastern ancient wisdoms, and mindful aliveness) than others.” – Leila

Change is a part of life – not only when there’s a problem. Sacred bodywork is for you, is for everyone. Everything can only happen within your boundaries and desires. This is your time, take your space to receive full trust, well-deserved attention and loving presence. As transmission, we will grow together.

Tantric Bodywork (1:1)

Together, we will start from a free exploring call to feel each other to see if there’s a match and identify your intentions, boundaries desired outcomes (this is already of the journey to find out what they are and how express them). A detailed preparation email will follow before the session. After the session, sometime there can be multiple sessions involved for a comprehensive journey, an integration & support call will be provided.

What could be included in one session:

  • Check-in & Sharing
  • Opening Tools and Rituals (Breathing, Holding, Sounding, Meditation)
  • Emotional Release Tools
  • Pressure Points Releasing
  • Aspecting Expressing
  • Full Bodywork (with or without genital touch, based on your consent)
  • Sacred Spot Healing Ritual

Length: 120 minutes for 1 session

Suggested Donation: €250-350 pp for 1 session

Location: your preferred private space or the ceremonial space of my home in Amsterdam

Tantric Bodywork (For Couples)

Similar to 1:1, this package is designed for couples who wish to take more ownership of your own individual journeys, as well as together in your shared journey. You will learn to take good care of yourself with your own desires, while being fully present and support each other, in a co-created safe, trusting and healing space. This profound experience can be integrated and combined with couples coaching, from a loving couple (Leila and Bart) who have experiences guiding both individual and couples through intense processes and challenges to feel more in harmony/oneness.

What could be included in one session:

  • What’s included in 1:1 session (left)
  • 4-Hands Tantric Massage
  • Couple Ritual (holding space and honer the temples of your loved one)
  • Conscious touch of each other where the masculine meets the feminine – Oneness

Length: 120-150 minutes for 1 session

Suggested Donation: €400-600 euros for a couple from a couple (Leila+Bart)

Location: your preferred private space or the ceremonial space of my home in Amsterdam

Deep Dive Package + Coaching (1:1)

Let’s deep dive, in a 3-month container including three 1:1 bodywork sessions, coaching and other embodied and holistic practices. Each session starts with an introduction on the topic we are addressing, whereafter the embodiment practice will take place, in order to release the blockages that keep you from manifesting your desired outcomes. We will have 3 integration calls to reflect on the insights of the sessions and how you can further anchor these in your daily life.

Topics which could be included:

  • Embodiment practices for managing stress and calming the nervous system
  • Re-igniting your natural sense of aliveness in the body, to feel more grounded
  • Connecting with your passions and purpose staring from daily life
  • Learn how to embody your shadow and work through challenging life situations
  • Forming a stronger connection with your somatic intuition and inner healing ability
  • Learn how to feel more pleasure

Suggested Donation: €700-950 pp for 3 months

Location: Online + Offline in Amsterdam


“Wonderful bodywork-fairy with golden hands, I highly recommend her loving touch” – Arja Isabell

“You feel so at home and one with yourself. Leaving the session I felt an amazing sense of happiness and peace I haven’t achieved before! I cannot recommend doing this enough it is so special and unforgettable.” – Elsie

“My body work session with Leila was wonderful. Her powerful presence mixed in with her soft touch and compassionate awareness creates the perfect healing container to relax into being and expand through everything showing to be seen and felt.” – Kees

“I really enjoyed meeting Leila, I felt her energy resonating with mine. I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I could trust her. I felt her warmth and loving energy, and it help me to let go and receive. I enjoyed having a tea and a check in to begin. It was a bit uncomfortable at first to let go of my clothes but I felt safe enough with her to be able to do it. During the session it was always very gentle and I could release a lot of tensions and old energies. I felt supported. And at the end I felt much relaxed, more aligned and definitely lighter. ” – Stephanie


Leila = Sanskrit for The Dance of Life. It is an invitation to, with a playful attitude, meet both the dark and bright sides of life’s waves. I am rooted from both East and West, regardless of diverse cultural backgrounds, I’ve been passionately inspiring people to share their own aliveness and gifts of life, through being the inspiration of doing what I LOVE for life as a ceremony (including sacred bodywork, arts and plant medicine).

Leila often works with her partner Bart/Musician Leela in the conscious space bringing awareness, authenticity and love as a couple. Together as a loving team, they help people and couples integrate ritual moments into grounded daily life.


I like to get to know each other first. Not too much focusing on outcomes but creating the ideal space for the sacredness to flow naturally and do its work with you. I will be in full loving presence to support you on your journey. It’s in trusting me, the process and your own nature. Combined ancient shamanic and contemporary approaches, along with a deep focus on holistic practices, I wish you will come home with feeling:

  • NOT just another massage or session
  • More real, grounded, emotional with clarity
  • Some sense of love (at least what it feels like)
  • Vulnerable as well, but not afraid of expressing emotions and feelings in a healthy way
  • And more…insights might only come later

I am a Guide, not a Therapist

Stay updated and connected for updates on the offerings, events and stories from LeilArts

Upcoming Events

3-Day Temple Deep Dive in Amsterdam – December 1-3

Join us for an extraordinary and unique 3-day retreat in Amsterdam. We will dive deeply into the temple/tantric arts, explore the profound depths of presence, inner calm, and intimacy, and forge a deeper connection with ourselves and the primordial dark in balance with the light. This unique experience invites you to step away from the chaos and immerse yourself in a safe, sacred, and connected space where you can experience expansion and come out feeling more present than before:

Awaken Your Senses: Through sensory exploration and rituals, you will awaken your dormant senses, your primal power, and learn to appreciate the world in a new light.

Drop What Doesn’t Serve: Release the baggage that holds you back and experience a profound connection with the current of existence, yourself, and others.

Connect through Wholeness: Balance your feminine/masculine, light/dark energy. Feel through your energetic body into your physical body and land in the now.

Authentic and Pleasurable Intimacy: to explore your desires and boundaries together with each other in a safe and deep space, and not just once, experience three deep days.

We’ll meet and love the dark that comprises most of the universe, the earth, each other, and ourselves. We will also touch the light that shines through the dark and illuminates our world. It will happen and be welcomed in a nature area of Amsterdam in an open-minded and sex-positive space: Farm of Inspiration. Are you ready to join us?


Feel the vibe of what a safe, cozy and connected space setting it could be in my ceremonial home. Remember the setting can be always customised specifically for you, and it can happen in your own space as well.

Other holistic experiences (Mindful Tea Ceremony, Ecstatic Arts & Dance and Plant Medicine Journey Guide) can be combined as the enhancement of the opening and integration, explore more below.

All the details will be taken good care of for creating a safe, cozy and connected space, where you can relax into the care and loving presence.

There are 2 rooms to choose for the journey, the dark non-distractive ‘Cave’ and the common space for connecting with sunlight, live music, art stand available in the ceremonial vibe.

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