Creative Team Building

(CO)Create a Collaborative & balancing way of living and Working – starting from Team Building

Did you know that channeling creativity helps people become better problem-solvers while improving their sense of self as well as collaborative expressions? Not to mention, creative activities are significant stress relievers. We (Artist Leila and DJ Leela) are here to create a safe and creative space and help balance the wellbeing for you and your team, supported with 15+ years’ of our own corporate experience. Tailor-made it is. Music, Sound, Movement, Meditation, Art, Tea – it’s full-embodiment within a collaborative environment.


Each below option can be extended with a mindful and peaceful Tea Ceremony (around 1 hour) with Leila carrying the intention to open up more space, and bring your team to a more mindful and relaxing place where more creative and collaborative potentials can happen.


Creating spontaneously, allowing a painting to evolve until there is an explosion of energy and colour on the canvas, is a liberating and aspirational experience. Whether you’re looking for something new and fun to try, or a safe place to explore challenging topics and just to take a mindless rest, this intuitive painting session led by a fluid live music journey is a pressure-free way to support you and your team’s wellbeing. No art experience required, as it is about storyboarding, creating mindful art, playing with colours, shapes and lines by using different art materials. Lots of fun, relaxation, and insights guaranteed!

(Location at your choice: Offices, Event Space)


It gets better when we are together. Art brings your team together heart-to-heart and opens up more space for more possibilities and creativity, that’s why we believe in co-creation of making arts together. Where your team will be co-creating freely and ecstatically on the same canvas (one or two pre-discussed themes), during the same live music journey by DJ Leela at the same location. It’s often combined with team intention setting, meditation, guided movements and integration from the artwork to your actual work environment. We can combine it with other events such as a mindful Tea Ceremony to open the space.

(Location at your choice: Offices, Event Space)


Similar to the co-creation, we are here to help you customise this intuitive, insightful and dynamic Team Building experience to suit your needs. Each team member is given a blank canvas and begins brainstorming an artwork based on an overall theme (pre-discussed, e.g. your brand story or visual identity). They then present their idea back to the group. Everyone begins painting. Every 15 minutes music starts and stops following ecstatic waves, everyone sit at another participants artwork to paint where they left off. These are just only a few examples of the fun activities – contact us for customisation to your wishes.

(Location at your choice: Offices, Event Space)

Ecstatic Arts are intuitive, meditative, interactive, playful and meaningful, and the best part is that you don’t need to be ‘arty’ or consider yourself creative. As we believe everyone is an artist when the space is more open, and so much potential can be unlocked. Artist Leila and DJ Leela will create a safe and open space for your team using painting, music, sounds, movements, and minimal words to guide you through the process. Just trust the process.




Schedule a meeting with us (Leila and DJ Leela) from the contact form below, at least 14 days before the event. We are open to discuss any idea, theme and artistic discipline. We can both feel into if there’s a fit for your Team Building event (either one-time and long-term).



Based on our discussion and our suggestion for you, you will receive a proposal. With your additional feedback, we will work on a final one (the main format, theme, intention, date, location, etc). Not everything needs to planned, we enjoy giving some space for the organic flow.



We will provide and bring all the equipment needed for a smooth, fun and insightful Team Building experience (including live instruments, and the decor/mood set-up of the space). As facilitators, we will guide you through the full-embodiment experience.



We like to help you share the team spirit and something ‘tangible’. We are happy to arrange exhibitions (with an extra cost) within spaces. Artworks can be used in a variety of different ways – Displayed in the office; Donated to charity; Taken home; Turned into corporate gifts…


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Impressed by the whole experience! Beautiful vibe that Leila and DJ Leela create, beautiful live music to open up to while going on this painting journey with exactly the right amount of loving guidance. A beautiful piece of art that will remind me of this amazing experience is now hanging in my room. I love it!”

“This experience felt deeply ecstatic. I was impressed by the care and gentle guidance from Leila and Bart. I have very little painting experience, but this did not limit me to express myself during the session. A wonderful experience for everybody!

— Friends (Joey and Jeroen) for the Group Ecstatic Arts Session

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“You can’t miss out on this incredible experience! I did this at the end of my big trip in Europe and it was the perfect way to reflect and appreciate my travels. You feel so at home and one with yourself. Leaving the event I felt an amazing sense of happiness and peace I haven’t achieved before! I cannot recommend doing this enough it is so special and unforgettable.”`

— Elsie, for the Private Ecstatic Arts Session


Date: 08.2022 Location: Romania
Co-created by 30+ lovely people
With DJ and musician Leela

During a group session, you will be co-creating on the same canvas (1 or 2 themes) with other participants. You will start from a guided movement practice to connect deeper with yourself and/or others (with respect and consent). Then your journey starts from there. Each journey is different sharing its unique team spirit and stories. Often, it’s even more beautifully created collectively while still owning our individual stories. This is the power of co-creation, through collaboration not competition. The paining is often donated or given to the organisation as a lovely gift from all the team members.

Perfect for company Team Building, celebrating special occasions (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries) with your group, opening new locations, or simply wanting to add ‘co-creation’ to your Ecstatic Dance events.

Price: Contact for customisation


Date: 09.2022 Location: Amsterdam
A couple to celebrate love via arts

During an individual session, you will learn about colour, how to mix and apply paint onto your canvas, how to interact with nature/Dao, connect to your intuition using meditation, and most importantly how to embrace emotions, feel the joy of creating for yourself, let go and explore without judgement. You will learn to make peace creating with your team members at the same time.

The workshops usually take place in an intimate group at our beautiful home studio from 1-5 people. or at your office or event space from 5-10 people. The art materials are white canvas and acrylic paint colour. Brushes, knifes, sponge, or natural items like a flower or branch can also come along.

Price: 50 euro per person


It’s hard with only written words, we have to feel it. Fill the below form, schedule a call or send us an email, to feel if there’s connection or potential to support you and your team on your collaborative and creative path.

We are open to collaborations and/or simply exchange of ideas and visions, drop us a message here or whatsapp +31613596848.

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