Appreciating the way of nature and one of the most meaningful things in life – creating and co-creating art through an ecstatic, meditative and yet playful live music journey that we call ‘Ecstatic Arts’. This is a powerful way of freely expressing your power or ‘just you’ in a safe space and learning to let go of expectations and imperfection. Individually or collectively.

“Art is a product of the intuition – the most powerful instrument within us. We all know we have intuition, but following our instincts isn’t always easy. Brilliantly simple and engaging, Intuitive Arts unlocks the mysteries of intuitive living and release your power of being you.”

“I believe in co-creation and collective consciousness where we can make real changes.”

— Leila, founder of Leilarts


Intuitive Zen-Art Journey with Movements and Live Music

Kokopelli, Amsterdam

Nov 19, 2023

11:00 AM – 13:00 PM

Join us on Sunday, Nov 19 from 11-13, for a meditative and intuitive Zentangle (Zen-Art) Journey/Ceremony, with guided gentle movements and live music/sound journey to dive in deeper with Musician/DJ Leela. It’s at a beautiful & private space of Kokopelli, overlooking the peaceful canal water at the heart of Amsterdam. We believe our intuition and creativity is so natural and powerful to the well-being. Especially when we create with intention and together with nature, and it becomes a beautiful ritual that helps us tap into our wise, inner guidance and allows us to become more intimately present with ourselves and life. This journey can help move through challenging emotions, energies and bring back present moments. It will also help quiet the mind in the busy world we live in, and brings creative insights & new patterns into daily life, that we can not often express through only words.

Ecstatic Dance + Co-created Arts (Donation-Based) with DJ Leela

Kokopelli, Amsterdam

Dec 17, 2023

15:00 PM – 17:00 PM

We are back to the beautiful, cozy and private space of Kokopelli, Amsterdam on Sunday, December 17 from 15-17 to share our last ‘Ecstatic Arts & Dance’ journey until next February (due to winter break) 🔥 You’re invited to join us, to meditate ☯️, to move and dance ecstatically and authentically 💃🏻, to make co-created yet intuitive arts as our collective gift 🎨, and to dive in deeper and rest together with grounded tunes of handpan 🎧, guided by DJ/Musician Leela and LeilArts. Followed by an optional community potluck sharing.

3-Day Temple Deep Dive at Nature of Amsterdam – Voyage into Presence

Farm of Inspiration, Amsterdam

Dec 1-3, 2023

11:00 AM – 20:00 PM

Join us for an extraordinary 3-day experience in Amsterdam. We will dive deep into the temple arts, explore the profound depths of presence, inner calm, and intimacy, and forge a deeper connection with ourselves and the primordial dark in balance with the light. This unique experience invites you to step away from the chaos and immerse yourself in a safe, sacred, and connected space where you can experience expansion and come out feeling more present than before:

Awaken Your Senses: Through sensory exploration and rituals, you will awaken your dormant senses, your primal power, and learn to appreciate the world in a new light.

Drop What Doesn’t Serve: Release the baggage that holds you back and experience a profound connection with the current of existence, yourself, and others.

Connect Through Wholeness: Balance your feminine/masculine, light/dark energy. Feel through your energetic body into your physical body and land in the now.

Authentic and Pleasurable Intimacy: to explore your desires and boundaries together with each other in a safe and deep space, and not just once, experience three deep days.

‘Dragons & Butterflies’ Co-created Retreat (Castle Edition)


January 6-11, 2024

Calling all you Dragons & Butterflies, we are again taking our vision of Co-creation in the form of a Retreat from Jan 6-11 💚 to an entire castle from the 13th century in Belgium (yes, it’s possible!). It’s no-have-to-dos with intentions as a ritual together to step into the restorative ground of the New Year and the mystery unknown. This is the 3rd edition after such beautiful journeys in Malaga and Berlin. It’s also affordable – (y)our unique gifts as exchange as alternative for money, only 400-600 euros, all-included to cover the running cost.

Why ‘Dragons & Butterflies’? It’s our invitation to dance with both the bright and dark sides of life, with a playful attitude. Be as light as butterflies to flow with the nature (Yin/The Light), and dare to step into the shadows and unknowns as dragons (Yang/The Dark). It’s more than a co-creation and a retreat, it’s both and beyond. It’s the way of co-created/community living, and it’s an attitude to life. Join us & let’s co-create!

Stay updated and connected for future events and initiatives, and inspirations of an ecstatic lifestyle:


We are a Team

We are a team from Amsterdam: (visual artist) Leila and musician (DJ & handpan) Leela

It seems no coincidence that Leila and Leela met at an event where Awareness & Exploration were two of the main ingredients. Both names are derived from Sanskrit, freely interpreted as “…In our daily experience, embracing the dance of life with a hint of playfulness, including the waves of bright & dark matters and sunshine & rain…” It applies to all what we do, how we like to live our lives and inspire others.

They feel privileged to weave their creativity and experience into both their shared love-life as a loving couple and by offering their services as a team to you. Tailor made that is.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Impressed by the whole experience! Beautiful vibe that Leila and DJ Leela create, beautiful live music to open up to while going on this painting journey with exactly the right amount of loving guidance. A beautiful piece of art that will remind me of this amazing experience is now hanging in my room. I love it!”

“This experience felt deeply ecstatic. I was impressed by the care and gentle guidance from Leila and Bart. I have very little painting experience, but this did not limit me to express myself during the session. A wonderful experience for everybody!

— Friends (Joey and Jeroen) for the Group Ecstatic Arts Session

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“You can’t miss out on this incredible experience! I did this at the end of my big trip in Europe and it was the perfect way to reflect and appreciate my travels. You feel so at home and one with yourself. Leaving the event I felt an amazing sense of happiness and peace I haven’t achieved before! I cannot recommend doing this enough it is so special and unforgettable.”`

— Elsie, for the Private Ecstatic Arts Session


We create and share stories and experiences, not just selling arts. We believe in the Cycle of Arts. You create your own art, and it stays with you or as a gift. When we co-create something beautiful together, we (Leila and DJ Leela) as the ‘Keeper’ would like to open the space for the next Keeper. The next Keeper is required to firstly appreciate the value of the power of our co-created art, and then make an offer on what is worth for you (either a specific amount or a gift). We will see if we can meet each other there. We often donate the group co-creation from one place to another and suggest to do the same. For each piece of art, you can see where, when and who co-created together, as well the unique stories behind through images and videos (click on each one to see more details such as Reel videos). Through passing the arts with LOVE to the next one, we together create a sustainable cycle of art and the flow of life.

#9 Jun.2022 in Mauerpark Berlin, by 20+ random people who pass by including street musicians, moms, homeless people, etc. For sales and exchange!

Oct.2022 in our cozy home in Amsterdam, by 2 loving couples who made their collective arts with love.

#10 Jun.2022 in Graz, Austria, by 40+ people during an ecstatic dance journey, for sales and exchange!


It’s hard with only written words, we have to feel it. Fill the below form, schedule a call with us or send us an email, to feel if there’s connection or potential to support you on your own path.

We are open to collaborations and/or simply exchange of ideas and visions, drop us a message here or whatsapp +31613596848.

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